Super wiiiiiiiide

New lens o’ clock! Picked up a Sigma EOS-fit super wide, fixed 24mm, f/2.8 lens off eBay the other day, it arrived in great condition and very well-packed today. Always something of a gamble, buying lenses on eBay, but it’s done me right this time. Here it is on the lovely EOS 600 given to me by a friend:

It was cheap as chips, but the downsides are that it is both heavy and really loud. I’ve got a neck strap on the way for this camera and I’ll really need it, it’s not a light beast.

It focuses very close, and pin-sharp too. Really chuffed. I need to clean the prism inside, I think, there are little black spots I can see (on all lenses), but looking forward to seeing what I get back from this roll. Going to Devon soon for a short camping holiday, hopefully the wide angle will make for some pretty shots. Can’t wait!

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