I Wrote This For You

This post is a little different to the others, in that for once, I’m writing about a photographer and a write who I’ve been following for years. Not a new thing, not something I’ve just been shown, but a duo who have consistently put out perfect, touching images and words, for free, for all to enjoy. I’m referring to I Wrote This For You, a blog combining the simplest of elements, small poems (even though they don’t rhyme, maybe short prose is a better description?) and accompanying photos.
The photos were always beautiful. In a simple, uncluttered way, often abstract (building sections, reflections, or intimate details). The poems were equally as simple, and to the point. Often talking about love, loss, all those things that we forget a bit, when we’re disconnected from each other by computer screens.

The reason for my sudden post is that they’ve just released a collection of their joint work in a book, and as I can’t buy it in the UK (yet), I wanted to spread the love and hopefully encourage some other people to pick it up. You can get it from Amazon here. x

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