Zorki 4K

Finally got the text roll developed from my recently-purchased Zorki 4K (at Costco, for the ridiculously cheap price of £1.50 for dev-only) and most of the photos have come out ok!

Rangefinder works, it seems.


Converted this photo into b/w, as I quite liked the tones but not really the colours. Like the frantic energy of the birds!
Although I’ve been wanting to have a go at an old-school rangefinder for a while, I’m not that taken with the Zorki. The process of matching up the vague squares in the viewfinder, using the separate meter to take a reading, dialling it in, then finally taking the photo… not to mention you can’t change shutter speed if you’ve not wound it on, these three dots have to be aligned etc etc… it’s all a bit of a faff. So I’ve decided to sell it on – I’m sure someone else will find much more enjoyment from it, and at least I can confirm it’s fully-working now.
A friend also gave me a lovely Pentax ME Super recently:
Unfortunately without batteries in, it seemed to shoot the whole roll at, I’m guessing, 1000/1 secs, which means my whole test roll came out underexposed. Still, for a total outlay of £2.50 for the Agfa Vista and Costco devving, it’s not the end of the world. It has some batteries in now, and will be used on my next outing.
Both lenses are ones I don’t already have, too – particularly looking forward to using the 1.7 end of the 50mm lens. All dust and scratch free – they’ve been looked after!

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